Working Together

My approach is a synthesis of my insights in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, psychoanalysis and both long and short-term psychotherapy techniques.

The goal is to identify an individual’s core values and to use them to overcome obstacles and support a balanced life. I deliver simple and reliable tools that help motivated clients. I have a strong pragmatic side that helps my clients to live more successfully in their personal and professional lives.

Many of my clients are extremely successful in the fields of business, medicine, law, finance, consulting, entrepreneurial business and the commerce of art. Others are very creative; writers, musicians, filmmakers and academics.

I will work with you until you are fully satisfied. You will attain the outcomes you have defined in our first meeting(s). You will learn new skills, which you will practice between sessions. You are welcome to call or email between sessions to obtain clarification or just to report in and gain encouragement. We can also work on the phone or FaceTime and Skype.

Reduce chronic stress and eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Maintain enduring, positive and satisfying relationships with your spouse, partner, children, friends, coworkers and clients.

View life more optimistically to see potential rather than problems and recognize strengths over weaknesses in yourself and those around you.

Experience greater self-acceptance… one of the great paradoxes of life is that when we accept ourselves completely rapid personal change becomes more possible.

Your level of clarity and thinking will improve so that solutions to questions will emerge naturally from within you.

I arrange our sessions to fit your schedule. I strive to provide you with the best access that fits your busy lifestyle. We can also work on the phone, FaceTime or Sykpe. I currently have clients all over the United States, Europe and Asia. I have two offices: Upper East Side and Union Square.

Insurance: The vast majority of Paul′s patients receive significant reimbursements from their insurance companies (please feel free to discuss this when making your initial inquires).

What My Clients Say:

I had found myself living mildly depressed and anxious in an unbalanced, overworked frenzy that′s common to many twenty-somethings in New York. It was a fortuitous Google search for "therapist NYC" that led me to Paul and, ultimately, down a two-year life-changing path.

I worked through many personal and professional challenges on Paul′s couch, and made several transformations that required new courage and understanding, which I gained with Paul′s insight, guidance and support. All areas of my life saw improvement — relationships, work partnerships, creativity and optimism — which encouraged me to take significant steps to regain control of my life. Paul has all of the qualities and qualifications that make a great therapist — and a special above-and-beyondness that makes him exceptional. He has a unique ability to recall the tiniest detail of past sessions and situations — connecting dots only the most observant person can.

When you're working with someone as engaged as Paul, the level of trust increases and helps to open doors that makes therapy most effective.

Tessa Cooper

Web Editor and Blogger
New York City

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