What My Clients Say

Author and Manger
My work with Paul was instrumental in changing not only the way I see and treat myself but also the way I see and treat others. Paul has an exceptional talent for intuiting when to push and when to step back. His office is a safe space, but it is not a hiding place.
With Paul, you will work hard and learn to navigate and overcome emotional roadblocks. And you will eventually stop seeing Paul, because he's not interested in keeping anyone on the therapy hamster wheel. His approach is goal oriented. How ideal for hardworking and ambitious New Yorkers!
Victoria Loustalot
Author at St. Martin's Press
Program Manager, Media Team at Twitter
Paul′s presence has a power that is palpable. In his office, I have felt freer to express myself — to say that which is the hardest to say — than in any other setting. The reason is that he listens, understands, and respects in a way that is total, not partial.
You feel you can say things that you might ever be afraid to say to yourself. During our sessions I felt life losing its edge. Crises became mere problems; challenges, mere errands; the impossible melted into the mere difficult.
Coorporate Manager
Paul was my therapist for years, and I highly recommend him. He was engaging and interactive, not one of those therapists that says nothing other than "and what do you think about that"? He is compassionate, insightful, and patient. I have recommended him to friends and family, and have gotten nothing but positive feedback.
Deborah Cohn
Content Manager & Producer
Editor and Blogger
I had found myself living mildly depressed and anxious in an unbalanced, overworked frenzy that′s common to many twenty-somethings in New York. It was a fortuitous Google search for "therapist NYC" that led me to Paul and, ultimately, down a two-year life-changing path.
I worked through many personal and professional challenges on Paul′s couch, and made several transformations that required new courage and understanding, which I gained with Paul′s insight, guidance and support. All areas of my life saw improvement — relationships, work partnerships, creativity and optimism — which encouraged me to take significant steps to regain control of my life. Paul has all of the qualities and qualifications that make a great therapist — and a special above-and-beyondness that makes him exceptional. He has a unique ability to recall the tiniest detail of past sessions and situations — connecting dots only the most observant person can.
When you're working with someone as engaged as Paul, the level of trust increases and helps to open doors that makes therapy most effective.
Tessa Cooper
Web Editor and Blogger
New York City
Paul has far-reaching intelligence, wide-ranging knowledge, and a compassionate and intuitive way of working. He has shared successful strategies with me that have worked.
Diva Goodfriend-Koven
Coorporate Manager
Paul has been very helpful to me in navigating the shoals of life. When I've occasionally run aground, he's been a key member of my rescue team.
Tim W. Brown
Global Product Documentation, Bloomberg L.P.