Is This For You

If the traits below sounds like you we may be able to accomplish great things together on your behalf. Contact me to arrange your get‑acquainted session.

  • You are already successful and you know there's more to life… you want to reduce the stress and enjoy greater fulfillment
  • You have a high degree of intention regarding your goals
  • You love to learn new things
  • You enjoy collaboration and being both a learner and a teacher
  • You are willing to learn new things and to let go of old ways of doing things
  • You enjoy focusing on strengths rather than on problems
  • You are passionate about your life

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What My Clients Say:

My work with Paul was instrumental in changing not only the way I see and treat myself but also the way I see and treat others. Paul has an exceptional talent for intuiting when to push and when to step back. His office is a safe space, but it is not a hiding place.

With Paul, you will work hard and learn to navigate and overcome emotional roadblocks. And you will eventually stop seeing Paul, because he's not interested in keeping anyone on the therapy hamster wheel. His approach is goal oriented. How ideal for hardworking and ambitious New Yorkers!

Victoria Loustalot

Author at St. Martin's Press
Program Manager
Media Team at Twitter

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